About Corgano Hockey Analytics

Hockey Prospects, Scouting & Analysis

We cracked the hockey prospect scouting code. It may seem like boasting, but we really did. We developed a system over 20 years ago that allows us to more accurately evaluate hockey prospects, giving us the edge in knowing which players are more likely to succeed and which ones won't

Now, with the advent of AI and proprietary algorithms which we have developed, we can now evaluate hockey prospects to a whole other level. The issue with all the other hockey prospect evaluation sites are that, for the majority of the time, most scouting reports and prospect analyses are very similar., from one site or service to the next. At Corgano hockey, we not only provide you with unique hockey scouting analysis that you won't find anywhere else, we also can give you the edge in drafting prospects that will provide you will an advantage over your competitors

If you're looking for highly accurate hockey prospect evaluation and find scouting reports that you won't find anywhere else. Then you've come to the right place.